OUR interpreters

Face-to-face interpreting

Face to face interpretation involves the presence of an interpreter wherever his services are required. This type of service can be subdivided into consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpretation.

  • Consecutive requires the user to pause periodically to allow for the interpreter to deliver his translation.
  • During Simultaneous interpretation however no pauses are required and it is undertaken alongside normal speech.
  • Whispered interpretation is also a simultaneous service but involves the interpreter whispering his response in the ear of the user.


This is consecutive interpretation undertaken during a conference telephone call.

Our interpreters

Our interpreters undergo a rigorous selection process as we demand high levels of competence. We offer services in all major languages and many local dialects. Please ask for a list. We aim to match our team’s qualifications and areas of expertise with the practical requirements of our clients. Our interpreters are expected to hold or be working towards a recognised qualification in this field.

Along with professional qualifications our interpreters must adhere to our code of conduct. This covers areas of professionalism, co operation and client confidentiality.

We also recognise that along with differences in language, there often exist differences in culture. For this reason those we employ must hail from the region in whose primary language they are fluent. This ensures a degree of sensitivity that would otherwise not be possible; an essential when dealing with individuals who may be at their most vulnerable.